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Watch me meet up with a fellow and poop and pee on his cock! I start off by peeing all over his cock. Then he sticks his fingers in my ass to help my poop come out. Then he uses my lovely poop to jerk himself off until he cums! This is my first experience like this! This is a hot one!

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My feet are very dirty because my slave didn’t clean the floor properly! Now he will suffer, while cleaning them with his tongue! He is my dirty doormat, and my human toilet of course. I can use him for whatever I want! He licked my dirty soles, and I knew that he was not ready for what I have prepared for him. I shit directly in his mouth, my shit was too big and creamy for his mouth HAHAHA so nasty, but entertaining nonetheless. I don’t care, he is just a HOLE, my toilet hole!

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I’m farting, I’m shitting, I’m pissing, I’m sharting, my poor swollen asshole is gurgling and completely covered with a full rim of crap, and I’m stinking up in the bath so bad it’ll never be the same! If you love shitting and farts, what are you waiting for? Dive in my new vid

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You’ve been waiting for this moment for so long! I’m going to fill up this plate with shit and you get to dig in!
Watch nice goopy shit flow out of my asshole into your bowl. While I’m shitting, I pee all over your plate. It just happens whenever I go, so you get to slurp that up too! As I’m preparing your dinner, I make sure to fully humiliate and degrade you so that you feel like the lowliest being in existence as you watch your meal piling up.
When I’m finished, I spread my asshole wide and wait you to clean me up. Consider it an appetizer before the full course. You love every little bit of my nasty, stinky shit. You love seeing it caked all over my hole. Eat it up.
Finally, I let you get a nice close up view of your dinner before you dig in. Be grateful and inhale the fragrance before it’s gone. Appreciate the details in my shit, the food clumps and the most, fudgy texture. Take it all in. Now eat.

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He begged me and begged me for mercy but he had a task to complete and that was being my human toilet there was nothing he could do about it either.

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I had to go home, not to waste the urine and shit. I have a delicious, hairy pussy. Open your mouth, I’ll piss in it without taking off my underpants. Now they’re wet, they smell like piss, they smell my pussy. Wash them in your toilet mouth later. Now get ready, I want to shit, open your toilet mouth. Yes, what bliss. My shit is so soft and creamy, it just slides in your mouth. Yes, take more, fill your fucking mouth with my cream shit. And don’t forget when you swallow, lick my ass clean. Brush your tongue deeper, penetrate my ass.

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