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First Goddess Emma Love takes off her white robe. Underneath the robe is a white baby doll outfit. She bends over to slip off her thong. Then the Goddess climbs on the couch and lets out a huge green mess of poop. She had been eating spinach and you can tell. After she finishes her major let out she then reaches for the toilet paper and tears a piece off. She then wipes her butthole and shows you the left over poop.

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My slave must lick me first, then I sit down on his face (facesitting) With much pressure I piss my slave’s face and mouth. To the conclusion, I shit my slave directly into his dirt mouth.

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Mature blonde Tayler, nude in a pair of black stockings, proclaims that she loves pee and gives us a pee show. Then she tells the cameraman “I want your pee”. She kneels in front of him, takes his cock out and plays with it. Tayler wants him to pee in her mouth and offers lots of encouragement, asking for his pee. All this pee action results in his cock getting quite hard. Tayler gets the piss she desires on her face in her mouth and on her tits.

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Mistress Lisa’s slaves need to eat, so of course she feeds them her shit. Her first slave has to kiss her high heeled shoes for the honor of eating her shit. He must have done a good job because she shits an enormous load into his mouth. Then she pisses in his mouth. Lisa feels the urge to go again so shits again into his mouth. The lucky slave’s mouth is only so big so some of the shit falls to the side. Not wanting to displease his goddess he quickly chews and swallows the mouthful so Lisa can shove the remaining shit into his mouth. The 2nd slave is a little less willing, so Lisa ties him to the bed. She spits into his mouth and smothers him with her ass. Then she uses his mouth as a toilet, filling his mouth with a nice firm log of shit as she talks to the viewer, letting you know what you’re going to get if you’re ever lucky enough to be used this way.

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I start off with a blue top and red mask. I then take off my blue top and show the blood on the kotex pad. I rub my bloody pussy and rub the blood on my boobs. I am not bleeding too much but some is visible. I then lift up my butt so I can let my pee spray out. Then I poop out my turds. I then smear poop all over my body and face. I have some music on so I dance seductively while smearing and playing with my poop.

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