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Ms pat is a elementary school teacher. She was holding her pee all the way home, while she was sitting in brutal rush hour traffic. She had to grade homework papers before she left the school and she went to the bathroom so she wouldn’t have to hold it on the drive home. Half way home she feels the urge that she has to pee. The feeling gets stronger as she gets closer to her house. She knew she wouldn’t make it to the bathroom when she finally got home.

Good thing she has her portable toilet down stairs waiting for her just for time like this. What a relief to finally get it out right in the middle of the living room. After such a long day she would really love a stress relief, watch her play with her phat pussy using her golden juice as lube then licking her vibrator clean when she is done.


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Sunday afternoon turned into a dirty idea. My cameraman is simply perverse man can always bring me to orgasm.I like to smoke his dirty dick shit from a dirty cum swallow!!

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Are you ready for me sweetheart? I first take my top off and model my diaper. I pee some in my diaper then take it off. Then I let out the fountain of pee all over white tile floor. Then I spread my butt cheeks to let out some shit. I smear it all over my body and face. Then I insert the enema and poop some more.
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Mistress Lisa Pisses in a wine glass and makes her toilet slave drink it, then shits on his chest. Her toilet slave is granted the honor of licking her asshole clean while she tortures his nipples. Then she puts her shit into his mouth where it belongs.

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One of Mistress Lisa’s fans has been stalking her and tresspasses onto her property. After chaining him to the floor you get to see Lisa have some fun torturing him and using him as her toilet. First she locks a mouth spreader into his mouth then uses a hand held shocker (not a TENS unit but the self defense kind used to incapacitate) to torture his nipples. Lisa giggles with amusement as the slave thrashes in agony. Then she attaches clamps to his fried nipples and pulls on them with a chain attachment while she kicks his body with her stiletto shoes. She just laughs at his screams of pain and verbally berates him even more. Next she pisses into a funnel container and forces the slave to drink it through a plastic tube. As the slave gags and moans in misery Lisa takes off her panties and positions her asshole over him and farts in his face. Then she shits into his mouth which is wide open thanks to the mouth spreader. Some of the shit has fallen to the side so she shoves the it back into his mouth and breaks out a giant black dildo which she uses to push and grind the shit deeper into his throat. Finally she turns him onto his stomach and puts a tray under his face with the remnants of the shit and vomit. She shoves his face into it, telling him to eat and not let any go to waste.

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Remasterd mp4 HD version of a clip from 2012. The toilet slave must pay a lot of money for the ladies that they shit everywhere. Princess Nikki and Rachel have very dirty ideas. The toilet slave swims in the pool. Prinzess Nikki and Rachel comes down and Rachel shits in the pool without hesitation.

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