I make him eat my good shit starring in video MISTRESS-PERVERSE ($15.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 03, 2021) – Scat

I am a beautiful dominatrix of 19 years beginner in shit
I had fun defiling it with my greasy, smelly shit
I face my 55 year old slave and make her eat my poo
I throw the enema on her face and there is a lot of good shit
Who falls on this pig mouth
I have a lot of shit coming out of my ass
This pig puts a finger in my anus to bring out the shit
I had fun making him eat my good shit
I spread all my shit on his face
I’m humiliating him
I made a mask with my caviar
I massage her face with my caviar
Then I give my shit to eat
this pig eats my shit and he likes it
I stick my fingers in that mouth to make him swallow all my shit
The slave sticks out his tongue and I stick my good poo in that mouth
He treats and chews well to swallow everything
He wanks while eating my shit
I loved to dress it in pork
It’s a nice scat video

Length: 10:47s
Resolution: 856×480
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I shit two long sausages starring in video MISTRESS-PERVERSE($15.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

Part 1
I am Fatima, a beautiful 22 year old bbw mistress
With a big chest and huge buttocks
And a beautiful supple and fragrant anus, I sweat a lot from the buttocks
and I shit a lot of good smelly shit
i train my old scatophile white slave
I shit big brown sausages and very smelly I’m on my knees
you see my very big and beautiful buttocks, legs wide apart, you see
my hole open up and my shit fall on my pig’s face hihihihi
the slave has its mouths full of the big pile of shit that I shit, and it stinks hummm
I order him to make the noise of the pig, I spit on his face,
there is a large amount of poop
I start to smear him, I spread my shit, it is stinky, he is excited
he likes it when it bitch, then i spread my shit on his face it’s very oily wouahhhh
he is ridiculous, he stinks, this pig, I smear his face he is unrecognizable,
it’s my human toilet, my filth, my shit pit, I cover her whole body
his face, his neck, his chest, his arms… .. I spit on his face,
his face is a big marmalade of shit
I massage his face he is very dark this old pig, he masturbates, he is excited and wrinkles
I massage that tail, this pig puts out that tongue I massage his face and I smear that tongue
my good shit he treats, he masturbates faster and faster he is too excited
that pig’s tongue is brown, and the slave comes. …
it’s a nice dirty video

Length: 10:55s
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slave sniffs and licks my shit starring in video MISTRESS-PERVERSE ($14.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

part 2

I put my shit on a plate, I make the slave sniff the poo
I talk to him and I laugh, it’s dirty pig, ridiculous….
it turns him on it smells good he says, I spit on his pig face,
he puts his nose in it, and he licks my good shit
I like to see this treat of my poo.
I put shit on my fingers and stick it in those nostrils hihihi
I smell a big lump and stick it in his nose, he likes to sniff
my good shit, I force him to make the noise of the pig, hihihi it is ridiculous
I spit and burp on his pig face.
then he puts that nice cock in my shit,
then I coat that cock with my fat shit, he’s excited,
I massage, I stroke the acorn coated with poop, I must not move
she laughs, it amuses her to coat my cock, she massages the glans, the pig is excited
I massage his balls too, I smear it well dick, I wring it out hihihihi it’s dirty
the slave likes he is very excited, I jerk him off ……
it’s a nice dirty video

Length: 11:56s
Resolution: 856×480
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File Size: 198 MB