LoveRachelle2 – Suck The Shit Out Of My Ass, Slave! ($12.99 ScatShop)

I love how you’re on the floor on your back with your mouth hanging open when I walk in the room–you know exactly what your place is! And of course, you know better than to get up when I enter, you rightly stay below me, where you belong. I muse on what a good job I do taking care of you as a slave–I give you plenty of fresh piss to drink and shit to eat, so you never go hungry, after all. Speaking of, I can feel a load building deep inside me… as the pleasurable pressure builds (I love the feeling of working towards birthing a turd) I remark on how much I love watching you suck the shit out of my ass as it comes out… how you gobble it up, and chew and swallow without so much as a wince or a cough. It goes down into your mouth and stomach with such natural ease–obviously, you were born to eat my shit. Now keep that mouth open wide–here it comes…

Shitting My Thong starring in video LoveRachelle2 ($14.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 09, 2021) – Scat

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I show off my curvaceous ass and tease, getting down on the floor and touching my pussy before winking my tight little pucker for you <3 Some cute dirty talk as I spread my cheeks and push, feeling my shit pressing against my thong until I push hard, pissing and shitting all over my thong. There's so much shit the thong can't take it and oozes out in thick pieces onto the piss covered floor! I strip off my gloves and spread myself open… don't you love how nasty I am?

I shit my thong a little more before peeling it off–my stinky shit is so sticky it's actually tucked away in my sexy butt cleft! I take it and smoosh it with my fingers a little, enjoying the warmth and texture before opening my hole to show even more poop peeking out of my fluttering hole, just waiting to get out… I get down on the floor again and shit so many cute little turds for you~! Even bending over with my hands pulling my hole open as I force even more out, peeing even more as my poops plop onto the floor. I smear my shitty ass right in front of your face, mmmm, and it stinks so bad, baby.

I pull my shitstained thong back on and bend over, pushing the fabric to the side as I finger fuck my filthy hole before smearing shit all over my smooth tush. I pull my thong off again, squat over my pile of turds and show off how shitty it is before tossing the poor abused thing onto my wet poop before pissing and shitting even more for you to enjoy~

MMmm, just look at that poor thing I've made such a mess of my helpless thong <3

Length: 10:21s
Resolution: 1920×1080
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No Shits In The Toilet Allowed ( in 4K UHD) LoveRachelle

You know one of the things I love most about my scat porn star lifestyle? NEVER having to shit in the toilet! Even when I don’t have much time to film the act itself, no shit goes to waste (pun intended!) It’s so naughty and liberating to be able to poop in places and on surfaces I’m not allowed to… I can’t help but want you show you the birth of each turd as I moan in pleasure at the stretch and strain of pushing it out of me… as well as close ups of each newborn poop as it says hello to the world!


Title: No Shits In The Toilet Allowed
Cast: LoveRachelle
Genre: Scat, Solo, Big shit, Smearing, Compilation
Duration: 00:05:45

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LoveRachelle2 – Panty Pooping Virgin! ($17.99 ScatShop)

I take my panty pooping virginity with my new camera, at first declaring how disgusting it is while bending over in my white panties with the need to shit, until my thick turds start pushing out against the fabric and I suddenly find myself getting turned on… I pooped so much my panties couldn’t even take it all, smooshing a delicious amount out to the side <3 It fills my hand as I touch the stinky mound through my panties.

I get down on the floor while still wearing my filthy panties and feel the poop against my ass and pussy while pressing a vibe to my aching clit to rev me further. I pull off pieces of shit that have fallen out of my panties and suck on them, showing you how I turn those hot turds between my lips, and spit shitty saliva down my chest before finishing myself off through my hands… <3 Then I stand up and show off how big my load was, and lick it with a laugh 😉 I had a lot of fun! Then I spread open my fat ass cheeks and show you how messy I am…. (No full face, sorry! But you get to see my whorish mouth work it <3)

Dumps Like A Truck starring in video LoveRachelle2

I love to film myself pooping! What can I say, showing off one of life’s most intimate, private acts… it’s pretty depraved and intimate, isn’t it? It’s one of the biggest appeals for this fetish for me. If you’re like me, you’re lucky to also enjoy watching me push out nice, satisfying loads of crap!
Sometimes I don’t have in the day to devote towards a big video–but I still love to switch that camera on and capture that day’s load, and show it off! I find pooping pleasurable, and often moan and gasp at the gratifying sensations… groundhogging as long as I can, close ups, hear what I ate and how it smells

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Duration: 5 Min
Size: 686 Mb
Resolution: 3840×2160