Special Delivery! Poo From My Butt To You! (LoveRachelle2.com in 4KUHD-4096p) 54,99$ (Premium Request) via LoveRachelle

Making you a special naughty delivery! Right from my butt to your front door! I flirt and talk dirty and tease you (lightly, I know you’re a real cutie!) the whole time, very excited for this special first-time for you, having my whole log of poop for you to enjoy! I birth my delicious crap for you and package it up time to send it your way!.

Title: Special Delivery! Poo From My Butt To You!
Cast: Love Rachelle
Genre: Scat, Big shit, Solo, Eat shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:11:46

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Shit Slavery Instructions (LoveRachelle2.com on 4KUHD-4096p) 29,99$ (Premium Request) by LoveRachelle

Crawling back to me again, huh? You had a taste of my “chocolate” last time, and now you can’t stop yourself, can you? Just as well, my poop is delicious! And don’t you worry, slave, I have a “meal plan” prepared, just for you. I shit desperately into a lunch container, unable to hold back anymore, it just slips right out of my hole, oozing out in thick tendrils <3 I show it off and make you smell how much it stinks, and I tell you exactly how I want you to enjoy my precious gift, slave, that you can follow, along with jerk off instructions. I just KNOW you’re going to love smelling, tasting and eating my shit, slave. It’s tasty. I lean forward and give my poop some nice, long licks. Mmm, delicious! You better eat it all, slave, don’t waste a single morsel and no cumming until it’s all gone, and in your tummy!

Title: Shit Slavery Instructions
Cast: Love Rachelle
Genre: Scat, Solo, Big shit, Eat shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:10:48

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Giantess Shits On Traffic (LoveRachelle2.com 4K UHD-4096p) 39,99$ (Premium Request) by Love Rachelle 2018

Fee Fii Foo Fum! I smell a bunch of PUNY humans! Look at you all, so stupid to try to build your roads through my territory. Really! I know I’m gigantic, and my domain is VAST, but did you really think I wouldn’t notice you clogging up my lands with your silly traffic?

You’re all SO beneath me you’re hardly worth my notice, but even I’m not THAT stupid! Feel the ground beneath you shake as I take my monstrous high-heeled steps towards you–you’re all stopped, knowing that if you try to drive away or get out of your cars, it’s OVER. I WILL catch you. So I suppose I’ll just have my fun then, won’t I? Make you all into my little TOYS….

I pick up your cars in my monstrous lady hands, and kick cars miles across, and crush cars under my high, HIGH heels. I wonder what else I can do to amuse myself? Ooh, hm, actually, I’m starting to feel like, I gotta “take care” of something….

Oh, that gives me a really naughty idea. I peel off my stinky stained panties and unload a MASSIVE, GARGANTUAN TURD all over traffic, crushing cars beneath it’s mighty weight! I laugh at your misery, endlessly amused. Can you all smell that? I bet it reeks even with your windows up! I crouch over you panicked, hopeless fools like a mountain, and grab cars, sticking them hood-first into my shit, playing with the rest of you like toys for my monstrous fun, measuring my giant turd in car-lengths….

I pick one car up and put it in my mouth, swallowing it whole…

Now that I’ve “made room” I’m hungry and I’ve got all you delightful little morsels to eat! You’ll all go in my mouth and come out of my ass too, just like this turd.

Title: Giantess Shits On Traffic
Cast: LoveRachelle
Genre: Scat, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Toys, Smearing
Duration: 00:10:07




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Dump and Panty Play (LoveRachelle2.com 4KUHD) 18,99$ (Premium Request) by LoveRachelle

These panties SMELL, baby. 3 days wear, and but it’s all the mileage. These are *heavily* worn, sweated in, used to wipe my pee and have been rubbed into my swampy, summer ass, and played in. They smell so much, that when I stand up in public, I can smell them. Nuts! I wanna finish myself off in them before I give them to you, but first I wanna clear my holes a bit, before I can continue my fun. I poop right on my futon and ask you to take it-enjoy my poop, while I enjoy myself, babe! I bend over and fill my empty ass again-this time, with some thick, juicy purple anal beads <3 I love this toy! I gasp and moan as I force each increasingly bigger ball into my tight, aching little anus wagging the toy like a naughty tail and enjoying how it pulls inside my ass while I do so until it’s ALL inside, mm! Feels so good! I make myself cum fucking my ass with these beads and ripping them all out at once and fingering my clit, right up in your face and peel my panties off, showing you the messy gusset. hope you enjoyed smelling ALL my fragrances hun you’ll get my poop and panties to enjoy after this, too!

Title: Dump and Panty Play
Cast: LoveRachelle
Genre: Scat, Farts, Solo, Big shit, Dildo, Panty, Smearing
Duration: 00:12:53

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Smearing Tasty Shit (LoveRachelle2.com in 4KUHD SCat) LoveRachelle

Whew, what a long day! Sometimes it’s tiring being a porn star-but it’s always rewarding. I’m about to shower after a long day of getting dirty but you know, it’s funny. Whenever I get asked what’s the “dirtiest sexiest thing” I’ve ever done, most people would have NO IDEA just how nasty I can get in fact, if they were to find out, I’m sure the shock would kill them! Gotta admit, it’s quite a rush to live a double life and getting to wind down the day by REALLY getting dirty is just icing on the cake. I strip out of my skimpy skirt and top, and shit doggy style right on the floor wearing nothing but my mask and thigh-high boots and it’s a lovely, large, juicy load, too. I delight in teasing you for your scat fantasies, taking jabs guessing what turns your crank-watching girls getting nasty and filthy with their own waste turn you on, perv? Do you like my dirty fun as much as I do? Watch as I smear myself all over getting shit everywhere, even ruining my new, sexy boots! I taste my delicious turd and let you watch me from behind as I tell you how hot your scat fantasies must be to be able to fuck a girl up the ass and when she shits on your cock, you grab a fistful of her poop and smear her ass all over with it, just like mine, while you keep fucking her, using her poop as lube I rub shit on my clit as I cum thinking about it So hot!.

Title: Smearing Tasty Shit
Cast: LoveRachelle
Genre: Scat, Spit, Big shit, Solo, Dildo, Smearing
Duration: 00:12:12

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LoveRachelle – EAT You Up and SHIT You Out (LoveRachelle2.com)

I’m in grad school doing a science project with my boyfriend to research the digestive system. So I’ve shrunk him down and I’m gonna swallow him and let him record the experience, before I puke him back up. I communicate with him on my cell phone before discovering that the bastard’s been cheating on me! That’s it, I’m not gonna *bother* puking him back up now-he can go out the hard way-that’s right, I’m going to SHIT him out! I’m all gassy and finally shit a spectacular crap only to find that he must have dissolved inside me. Oh well! Fuck that guy.

Title: EAT You Up and SHIT You Out
Cast: LoveRachelle
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:10:12

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File: loverachelle – eat you up and shit you out.mp4
Size: 687946260 bytes (656,08 MiB), duration: 00:10:12, avg.bitrate: 8993 kb/s
Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo (und)
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 29,97 fps(r) (und)