margo – Giant shit in the mouth! ($8.99 ScatShop)

Like any creature, the toilet slave needs constant care and encouragement. Although I am extremely lenient. Today he had to swallow giant shit that I fed him right in the mouth from my big ass. I smeared shit on my ass and command him to lick my asshole. Clean it with his tongue. I also put pieces of shit on top of his face from above and laughed looking at his mug. Look what kind of toilet I have. Is not it very nice. Ha-ha

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I have my own toilet slave and he is my property. I like to play with him and use him as a toilet in my house. He must carefully and diligently lick my sweet asshole, before I start to shit him in the mouth. He’s just a toilet for me and a useless thing. I think you must be happy that you can lick my ass when I’m shitting. Then I wipe my shitty ass and put used toilet paper in his mouth. A paradise for a pervert!

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After a big dinner this morning I feel shit just piling up inside of me and I need to let it out! I bend over on my knees spread my chunky ass and tease you. Showing you my big tits and a pretty smile. 😉 I bet your cock is hard already. I put two different front view on camera and let the shit fall right out of me. The sound my shit and asshole were making were so moist and delicious I love listening to myself shitting! It really turns me on that you love watching me take shit! 💩 I love teasing you with my shitty stained butthole! I enjoy holding all my poop in until my asshole cannot take it any longer … then letting my big arsehole shit it all out out in front of the camera for you! Enjoy!

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I’m wearing a tight red undershirt and a pair of tan pantyhose.. I tease, shake my big buttocks and shit in pantyhose. Then i take it off, show pressed shit and dirty ass. 😉 My sheer pantyhose hugs my huge perfect ass and you want to see me poop in my pantyhose. You love shit filled pantyhose so much I think you want to wear them and fill them up too!