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There are two things I love most: fucking slaves, stretching their asses into huge holes and shitting in their mouths, feeding them my shit. Shitting morning in the mouth slave is pleasure, chargers of cheerfulness for the day. My slave husband does not like to be my toilet and this turns me on even more, I like it. Hard, energetic fuck with my favorite huge strap-on makes me ecstatic. And the screams and moans that accompany each friction give me more pleasure and bliss. Sometimes I can really be tough and ruthless


Shit bath, taking care of my body starring in video Mistress/Natalia Kapretti ($12.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 07, 2021) – Panty/Jean Pooping

A slave must look after his Mistress. Give me a foot massage, Shoe me, kiss my feet. It’s taking care of me and my body. Just like a tub of shit. I like to shit in the bath and put shit on my body. Sit in a tub of smelly water enjoying the aroma. It feels so good, it’s so exciting.

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You full toilet mother fucker starring in video Mistress/Natalia Kapretti ($19.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 04, 2021) – Period Play

Today is your second birth, you mother fucker. Today you will be our complete toilet bowl. Shit, urine, snot, drool and menstruation, all will pour into your mouth. Now there are no restrictions for you. You will consume all our fluids over and over again.
1. Puddle of pee, shit and gasket
Slaves sniff and lick my panties and gasket,I wore them for five days. Sniff, chew, suck the taste of my pussy. I keep learning to eat Shit right out of my ass.Now press against my ass and open your mouth. You dropped it on the couch?Oh, you bitch!!! Poke his face in the shit, my slave. Lie down on the floor, now the slave will shit in your mouth.I’ll teach you how to take it.I’ll spit you a mouthful,you’ll be covered in shit. Eat, chew, tasty. Tasteless?Here’s the Chocolate!Now eat everything.I see progress.I’m happy, it’s so nice when a slave eats shit.
2. Full toilet for shit, piss, snot, vomit
Slave girl and I, mock on our new toilet slave today. Before that, he eat our shit, drink our urine. And now swallow vomit, drool, snot. Now he’s a complete toilet bowl, spittoon and puke bowl. The slave girl enjoyed his tongue in her ass and i helped her a little. She impetuously finished right on the face slave. How nice to have a working tongue in all holes, soft, warm and diligent. At the end of the slave a little tired, he was covered in shit and vomit, but with a happy smile on her face. Today he performed his duties perfectly our full toilet

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Download You full toilet mother fucker starring in video Mistress/Natalia Kapretti ($19.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 04, 2021) – Period Play

Shit oozes, bubbles, through snow white tights starring in video Mistress/Natalia Kapretti ($14.99 ScatShop) (Release date: Jun 02, 2021) – Smearing

Today I dressed up for You in a snow-white outfit. Beautiful white dress, snow-white tight tight tights, they are so tight fit my ass. And I really want to shit. Shit oozes, bubbles, flows through them, cling to my ass. Suck my shit, swallow. Enough, it’s time for you to eat everything. I’ll cut the tights, catch, catching my sweet shit. Eat it, eat it all, and lick my ass clean.

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Come here faggot. What are you doing, hiding away there? Lie down on the bed, now we will fuck you with a slave in the ass. Get on top of him, you little bitch, suck his cock, and I’ll drive my fist up his ass. You again not took a shit and not cleaned ass with morning faggot. Well, you know that I do not scare. Suck cocksucker, suck bitch and watch as I fuck this faggot hand, as his ass turns out and climbs shit. You same love shit, love his smells and taste of. Try, lick, smear your lips – what a depraved beauty. Go, too, try to fuck his fucking ass. Go ahead, drive your hand deeper, scoop up the shit and shove it back up his ass. Yeah, my slave girl dirty bitch, you want to have that big hole in your ass. I’ll fucked your ass, stretch it the same way. Get back on him in and suck it, let’s give this faggot a double treat. Suck a dirty dick in the shit, I’ll fuck him fist. Suck harder, like this, he’ll come soon. What a beauty, my slave girl eating mouthful of cum, show your fucking tongue. Yeah, how beautiful, cute, dirty, sexy.

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Husband bitch for strapon, sissy and toilet starring in video Mistress/Natalia Kapretti ($20.99 ScatShop) – Enema

The place of husband and real man at the feet of a woman and under her ass. The say that to understand whether he this is your man, you need to stop being shy of him. Stop being afraid to fart in front of him, piss and shit. Full relaxed with his presence. I do with my husband whatever I want, how I want and when I want. And he is happy with his fate. He’s my the hole for the strap-on, sissy and toilet bowl. Even now, he asks me to fuck him in the ass and gives me more and more strapons. He knows how much I love to fuck with big strapons. He’s resigned and knows that I like to shit in his mouth. And will sniff, take and eat my shit.
1. Learning husband to love shit and makeup
I think many women would agree with me. Men at home should not go in underpants and socks, and in a corset, painted, feminized and serve us. Today I put a corset on my husband, makeup him, painted his lips and nails. He’s my pretty today, my bitch. I Fuck him in ass the fist. And of course I wanted to shit. Put your hands out, catch my shit. I’ll teach you love smell shit and taste, eat my shit, you’ll be my toilet. And just so you know your place, I’m gonna put your head in the toilet bowl.
2. Special gift from husband for Mistress birthday
Today is my birthday, fun day, my day. Today I can do whatever I want. And I want to fuck a pretty husband and shit in his mouth. He present me a new strap-on, special, exclusive, 6 inches in diameter, this you will not see ANYWHERE else. I’ll taste it right now. Will reheat ass, fisting, stretch, a little fucking his ass with a smaller strap-on. And here it is, black and shiny and HUGE. Not whine, shut up and lie still, be tolerated. Today your ass is mine, today I can do anything. You have to open your mouth and be my toilet. Open wide, close your lips on my ass, take my shit in your mouth. Oh, what a wonderful birthday it is. Now lick my ass deeper, it feels so good to feel your tongue in my ass.

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