Annalise – BBW Womans Shit Feeding

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We a have absolutely degradation shit-eating pig! His dity is to eat smelly female shit. Today a our shit is soft and big! This time slave have to eat it all and clean our asshole before with his aaa aa tongue…a We will see from the perfect angle and best quality how he takes pounds of shit in his big mouth. I order a him to eat female shit because he is human toilet!

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Scatdesire – School Teacher Feeds The Student

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Watch me ask my student to become my toilet, he first lick my dirty shoes with his tongue to taste my treat after. Then i sit over his head and push out a huge giant poo, you see my arsehole stretch open wide. And i feed it to my best student…

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MiaRoxxx – Suck my turd and cum in my ass!

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A user from germany wanted to taste my turd.. but not without his cum in my ass

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ModelNatalya94 – Two dirty smelly bitches

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Hello to all. In this video, Yana and Caroline. They are naked, wearing only knee-highs and aa sneakers. They decided to play their very dirty game. As usual, we waited for an opportunity and prepared for filming. Two bitches want to have fun and they do it. They are ready to give a shit in each other’s aa mouths. I hope you are ready to see it with them. Your cock is already on the eve of a big dirty show and a wants to release cum on these two dirty bitches. Join, get your dick and be on the same wavelength. aaaa aa Carolina gave a shit to Yana in her mouth, then pushed the shit deeper into her throat with a member, so aa that salivation would also go out with the shit. Then Yana shit in Caroline’s mouth the same way. Yana cccc played with Carolina’s throat too and pushed the stinking shit deeper. But they didn’t stop there and vvv v decided to fuck themselves both in the pussy and in the ass, so further, in turn, they sat down with their anus on a big dick and completely sucked it into their ass. These two filthy smelly whores love this kind v of fun games. Join them, you won’t regret it!

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Scatdesire – Using Toilet Slave

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I was dressed today in a pair of erotic crotchless pantyhose and a sexy catsuit. I invited my a slut in the dungeon. Then I told him to lay down on the floor. I face sitting him and order to smell my ass and pussy. I use my slave as my toilet and humiliate him. A perfect day for him to eat delicious from his a Goddess !

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[Scatshop] GoddessTempest – My Best Shits 12

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My Best Shits 12 brings you my best shitting scenes from my top seller toilet slavery videos. a Enjoy half an hour of seeing me taking shits in people’s mouths and pleasuring myself, seeing me orgasm aa repeatedly while watching people eat my shit! Compliments of: “BROKEN TOILET 49 – ORGASMIC SHIT” – It was a one of THOSE bowel movements. Besides the fact that it was really big. It’s one of those ones that feels so fucking good pushing out you can’t help but squirm and moan loudly from the intense pleasure and relief it gives you. If you’re a fan of seeing a woman reaching orgasm from taking a massive shit into someone’s aaa mouth and reaching orgasm as he eats her bowel movement under her you better keep reading! Showing you my a most intimate & vulnerable side in this video. It’s no secret that I get turned on and highly aroused by aa taking a shit in someone’s mouth. But it’s not that often my urge for orgasmic release get so intense that I can’t help myself and start to orgasm on camera. I don’t script my Broken Toilet videos and I just go aaa with the flow and say & do what I feel like in the moment. It was such a big shit that I took in his mouth that my arousal went through the roof. The fact that my slave is so devoted that he kept on eating and aaa swallowing as I kept shitting despite the suffering & discomfort it brings him only made my urge to release that much more. I had a somewhat intimate moment with him, holding onto his arm during my very loud moans a of my orgasm. Well….I was shitting in his mouth and cumming right in his face so showing him a little aaaaa affection shouldn’t be a problem. Afterwards I looked down at him. Couldn’t help laughing right in his face as I talked to him, asking him how much he enjoy eating my shit lol It feels good for me watching my aaa aa toilets in action, consuming the rest of my waste while I talk to them. He is indeed lucky he gets such aaa opportunities like eating my shit. It’s very special being a toilet for a woman like me “BROKEN TOILET 50 – GODDESS CUM!” – You are in for a real female orgasmic scat treat with THIS video of mine. There’s a LOT of things you can fake but one thing you simply can’t fake is girl cum (virginal secretions) that leaks out of your pussy during a powerful multiple orgasm right on camera. Being a human toilet for me takes a lot of aa sacrifice because it’s about MY comfort and MY orgasmic pleasure from taking a big shit in your mouth as aa you will clearly see in this video. I love the fact that I don’t have to act or use cheap trickery. I LOVE having my asshole licked and I love even more to reward my ass licking slave by taking a big stinking shit right into his mouth.After I enjoyed the toe curling pleasure of feeling my thick and nasty turds sliding a out of my asshole directly into my slave’s mouth I am highly aroused by the taboo and intimacy of such a aa dirty act.So he has to endure the taste of my stinking shit as he slowly chew and swallow while I aaaaaa aa masturbate and bring my beautiful Goddess body into the contortions of powerful and satisfying orgasms aa a right on top of him.With the dual angle filming it’s like YOU are actually the one under me. You’ll get to see the amazing life it is being my toilet. First you hear my moans and sighs of relief as my creamy turds slide out of my asshole right into your mouth.Then you get to taste all the nasty flavours of my turds aaa a while seeing my pussy and dirty asshole from below right in your face as I masturbate. You literally see my pussy expand and my white girl cum virginal secretions pumping out of me as I shudder in orgasm right a above your face while you EAT my SHIT.Isn’t this the most amazing way to honour ME, your Goddess? Taking aa your rightful place as my shit eater in order to enhance my orgasmic pleasure!“SUCK MY TURDS TILL I aaaa aa ORGASM”- So I was really gassy and had my slave film my asshole up close while farting when I felt aaaa aaa something else is about to happen. I love sharing the intimate and private experience of shitting with you, including my natural facial expressions if it’s a big shit like this one that feels really good to push aa out. Filmed from two angles so you can see my facial expressions but also my asshole open and expand as the tick and juicy turd slowly slide out of me.But it gets better! My trusty slave knows how I love it when aaa people actually TASTE my shit so he starts licking my turd right there in my ass while I push it out aaaa a slowly! I LOVE that feeling of someone’s tongue on my shit, licking my tur is long slow strokes while I aaa push it out.Once I was done he put it in his mouth and sucked on it while I watched him and masturbated. aa It’s such a turn on when people suck on my shit! He then tongue fucked my shitty asshole to enhance my aaaa orgasm, what an amazing toilet slave!Be sure to check my store for all my other kinky clips!

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