VeronicaSteam – Deaadly Gas ($10.99 ScatShop)

The scenario would be you had me over for a shrinking session where I was just admiring your body as a shrunken guy and you noticed how excited I got when you put your sexy ass in my face (leggings or spandex would be perfect for this one). Well you bend over in my face a few times but one time a fart slips out and it smells really bad. As you fan the smell away you see me complaining so this pisses you off and you decide to fart even more and waft them all right at me. I try to run away so you soon tie me up and make sure that I get completely covered in your gas with each fart as you hover your ass right in my face after each fart. You still notice that I am breathing through my mouth and since my head is too small to gag me, you decide on the ultimate punishment of your belly as my gas chamber. You swallow me whole and laugh at me as I try desperately to get out of your stomach while you taunt me about being trapped in your gas chamber. You still fart a few times but don’t care cause you know that I am completely enveloped in all of your gas and the only way out is…well there is no way out. You lied to me and told me that this was just to teach me a lesson but the lesson will never end! I would LOVE to see you wear a snug shirt that really shows off your sexy belly for this video, especially for the final parts where you are teasing and taunting me about being trapped in your body.

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VeronicaSteam – Deaadly Gas

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