Kitty Skatt Struggle to hold, sink gets it all ($14.99 FemScat)

You’re just chilling on the toilet taking a nice dump as I desperately knock on the door. You tell me you need some more time, but I absolutely beg you to let me use the toilet. This is a really expensive hotel, we can’t afford shitting on the floor here! PLEASE LET ME USE THE TOILET!!!

I come into the bathroom. You can’t just break off your shit halfway so you tell me I’ll be fine holding it. I know I’m not so I beg and plead as I squirm and struggle to keep my butthole shut tight. It’s getting more and more difficult and I haven’t shit for almost 3 days! I’m absolutely going mad with urgency.

The shituation is making me horny and I take off my clothes. I keep squirming, moaning and struggling and am now also touching my pussy. I tell you how wet I am and how deliciously feminine my pussy smells. I try one last time to convince you to let me sit on the toilet, but to no avail…

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I lift up my leg and hover my ass over the sink. “What are you doing!!??” you ask in shock. I moan as my asshole gapes wide to release a MASSIVE clumped hard constipated log right into the sink. OMG it’s huge!!! And it smells so strong!

I am so horny and I start sniffing my brown creation as I continue masturbating. You discipline me by telling me to sniff deeper and longer. And more! It turns me on so much, I finger myself hard and gag as I take in the deepest whiffs of my massive shit. My arousal builds to the point of a massive explosive orgasm while hovering over my enormous turd. Fuck this is amazing! I love to be dominated and humiliated by you like this. You think I probably learned my lesson, but the contrary is true.

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