ModelNatalya94: Liquid shit in my light jeans ($13.99 ScatShop)

Hello to all! This is Yana again. I decided one more day to use my light favorite jeans. I felt that my stomach was seething and that a storm was brewing inside me)) I put on my jeans and of course decided right away that I would shoot for you. As usual, I put the camera close so that you could consider all my movements, all the folds on my jeans as if you were with me. I walked and showed myself to myself, until the very hurricane inside me approached the exit. Then I got up and released all the crap in my jeans. It was liquid and flowed inside down the legs and ass. When the whole mixture of liquid shit and urine was in my jeans, I also showed you how my jeans were wet and how dirty and wet they were on my ass. Of course, I walked around the room in dirty jeans and showed you how it all moves with me.

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Length: 10:29s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1012 MB

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