Lezpoo – Full SiteScatRip (295 Video)

Full site rip of lezpoo. One pic set and the rest are vids. The scenes are mostly in multiple clips. Some scenes are not complete yet and haven’t been added to the site. They do this so people will keep their subscription to see the end of the scenes. I decided to include what is available of these scenes:
Honey 1 – 4 parts left to be added
Vicky & Denisa Heaven – 3 parts left to be added
Denisa Heaven & Laura 2 – 4 parts left to be added
Scenes are solo or 2 or more females. They shit and piss on themselvfes or each other. There is some shitting into hair and rubbing it in. Lots of smearing. Some eating. Some puking and puke drinking. All that sick stuff.

Special For You:  DirtyScatGirl – New 9.4.2015 ($18.99 ScatShop)


(3 x 9.78 GB)

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