ModelNatalya94 – Anal caresses ($12.99 ScatShop)

I very much miss Olga and here she is finally home , we decided to have dirty game in which we caressed each other priests and shit in her mouth. I lay down on the bed and Olga I said booty on face , what a sweet from her anus I like it , I play with the tongue booty Olga and then Olga starts to shit right into my mouth , Oh Yes I love her shit , I continue to caress the anus Olga with his tongue . Deeper and deeper right in the ass , my face all in the shit and Olga gets enormous pleasure . I stood up and we with Olga began to kiss each other in lips , Olga lay back and I sat my ass on Olga’s face , and Olga bryanlas to caress my anus language , Oh Yes he is so sweet on my anus . I also really wanted to the toilet and when Olga caressed my anus I started to shit Olga right in the mouth . Olga does not stop and continues to caress me . I fucking love her , and I like that she eats my shit .

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