ModelNatalya94 – Dirty sex in Olga Yanas jeans ($14.99 ScatShop)

In this video you will see Olga and Yana, who have sex. Yana is dressed in darker jeans, Olga in light jeans. They also shod sneakers and posed in front of the camera. They walked around the room, showed to the camera how jeans are sitting on their beautiful asses. Then Olga bent down, and Yana was on her knees and Olga wrote and pumped in her light jeans. Then Yana took off her jeans and sniffed this smell. He was beautiful) The whole room was immediately filled with the aroma of warm smelly shit. Then Yana took a rubber dick and fucked Olga in a dirty cunt, she fucked her with her jeans down a bit. When Olga finished, she put on jeans and already Yana stood and wanted to give a shit in her jeans. Olga also knelt and sniffed shit. She enjoyed the scent of Ioannine shit that seeped through her jeans. When Yana took off her jeans, the aromas were mixed and the room had an incredibly strong smell of shit, it was crazy. Olga also fucked Yana with a rubber dick in a dirty cunt. Then Yana also put dirty jeans on herself.

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