ModelNatalya94 – Game on the kitchen table ($13.99 ScatShop)

In this video you will see Alice, Carolina and Yana in the kitchen. It was an early morning and everyone wanted to use the toilet, because yesterday everyone abstained and of course we decided to shoot a dirty video.
We laid Alice on the table, and Yang and I stood. We took off her panties from Alice and started playing with her cunt. At first we played with our fingers, then we fucked her with a rubber phallus. Then Yana gave a shit about Alice’s body, and I continued to fuck her, then I also added my shit to my girlfriend’s body. Since we did not go to the toilet for two days, there was a lot of shit and it did not fit on Alice’s pubis. We continued to play with Alice’s cunt and she said that she wanted to smoke her cunt. We inserted a cigarette into the vagina and Alice began to drag on the vagina. Having smoked a little vagina, Alice was smoking a cigarette.

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