SamanthaStarfish – Poopy Diaper Face Smear ($14.99 ScatShop)

There’s something in my diaper! Something warm and squishy and very stinky! I reach my hand into my diaper and pull out a big thick glob of poop! Mmm! It smells so good! What would a cute little baby do if she found such a nice big load of poop in her diaper!? I think she would smear it all over herself! And that is what I do!

I start to smear my shit all over my big boobs and my sexy belly and my legs too! It feels so good to feel my dirty poop all over my body! I know it’s naughty to make such a mess but it makes me feels so good I can’t stop! I keep reaching into my diaper and pull more and more poop out to smear all over myself! I love to talk dirty to you and talk about really yucky things too! I even turn around and smear shit on my ass and back! I love getting it all over!

Special For You:  Big shit loads full frontal ($8.99 ScatShop)

Now it’s time to smear my poop on my face! Oh what a mess! But I look so pretty with poo poo on my face and it makes me feel so sexy! I can’t help but reach my hand down my diaper and rub my clit! I can feel my moist shit squishing up between my pussy lips and all around my clit! Poop makes such an amazing lube! It’s not long before I am cumming a nice big, hard orgasm! I love the way my body shakes when I cum and my toes bend and curl in pleasure!

Then I take my disgusting diaper off and show you the huge load I made! The whole diaper is stained brown! I smear the shitty diaper all over my face and tits to make sure they are really covered in poop!

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