BarbaraGinger – A Hot Dirty Atm (€15.99 YezziClips)

When the food be inside the stomach transform in something more delicious thats the food same, this video is a hot mix between food before and after to stomach… a sweet banana and a sweet dirtyness… My best making solid video ever, big and hard, so solid and delicious… ATM like I like to do, special, sexy and tasty… Pee too… after the big deposition start the food to appear, first with a sweet banana, all getting inside, so softly and delicious, make a messy stuff too, u know my asshol eis so tight, so I make a messy disorder with the soflty banana, but eveything inside just help me with the fingers, after this need to mix a little cream inside too, for a great banana split… and expulse all at the end…

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