BDSMangel – Instructional Vid; Learn to eat your SHIT ($14.99 ScatShop)

Style: Degrading and dominating, FIRM informative toilet slave instructions
Outfit: Red/black bra, black cotton panties, toe nails painted white

I near had no plans before starting this video, just an idea from a special slave who wanted to eat his shit before he lost his chance forever because of surgery. He followed through – he did pause at some parts but overall he successfully ate his shit!!! Because thats what good slaves do!

If you are afraid or hesitant and wanting to eat, buy this – you will be heavily assisted!!!
Instructions include pace of eating, how to set up to do it, what to do with your pee, and following me with your chewing and mouthfuls.

Special For You:  Look up, look out starring in video Amethyst

All you need to do is; buy My video, have your poop ready, or even a Goddess’s, and pee is needed as well.
I will teach you how to REALLY serve and be My slave.
** you can see my masked Face in the vids I’ve just taken them off previews

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