efrolesbians – Public Toilet Embarrassment Big Shit (Fantasy) ($9.99 ScatShop)

(Roleplay/fantasy/not public) Anna enters fully clothed like while she is out and about. I enter the stall, say “I hate pooping in public ugh.” i pull my pants all the way down to my ankles and sit down. im embarrassed about making too much noise. While i am sitting there. i Start to unbutton or take off your shirt because “this bathroom is way too hot”. Then i hear someone come in and enter the stall next to me. i really have to go but i really don’t want to go with someone sitting so close. talking to myself saying will she leave? And finally i say I can’t take it anymore and start to go. There’s a line building up outside my stall and people are getting impatient. i seen someone peak in on you through the crack in the stall. i keep going and some rude woman makes a comment about the smell and poop shames me i make a smart comment right back Then when i finish up, show you the inside of the toilet, a peak of my bare butt and then wipe, and make a sarcastic comment to the lady waiting to take the stall i just finished destroying. Then Abby enters to my smelly public and gross unflushed mess. She can’t bare the smell and walks out.

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