Evakokoro – Accident while on a date ($17.99 ScatShop)

“You would really have to poop, but you’re on a date with someone (POV). You’re getting more and more desperate, and you start potty dancing in your seat. I ask you what’s wrong, and you say that you have to go to the bathroom really badly, but you can wait. POV starts to show interest in your struggle, and you notice. But you don’t mind, you like the attention. You tease me with your desperation, squirming and potty dancing in your seat, trying to get a reaction out of me. Soon the need becomes unbearable and you have to stand up and get in line for the bathroom. POV comes with you. You potty dance in line, still teasing POV do liking it, but the bathroom is still occupied and you’re desperate. eventually you can’t hold it anymore and you have an accident. You could ask if you can use POV’s shower”

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