FilthJapaneseGirl – Dirty Christmas Massage (€5.67 ScatBook)

It’s Christmas 😝‼❤

I was soo looking forward to this video I needed a goood wind down so I decided to have a sexy deep muscle massage with a dirty surprise 😈🤭‼

It was the best feeling ever I had to poop sooooo bad so while relaxing I just wanted to clear myself of the blockage 🤭💅🏻

As he was holding my legs that was it ❗

He always wants to have sex after massages and this time was even better, I must say this is probably the biggest panty poop I’ve ever achieved ‼

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The sex was just on another level as always 🥵🥵🥵 the smell, the feeling and the mess❗ OMG ‼

Come and watch my dirty, sexy, smelly, wet and erotic massage with such a great ending 🥵🤤‼

XoX 😈


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