GingerCris – Poo Sack Game – Attempt #1 ($21.99 ScatShop)

Filmed and encoded in 1080p at 60fps! Guaranteed to make your cock explode with sticky nut-butter! 🍆💦

Have you even imagined being smothered and suffocated in your own shit? Well…that’s exactly what I did in this video. It’s called the Poo Sack Game and I think this would make a great TikTok challenge. LOL OMG the smell is intense! With every breath, my lungs would fill with the sweet aroma of my fresh scat. As I pushed it around my face, it covered my tongue and filled my nose. I could barely see when I was done because my face was covered in so much shit. 👩🏻🦰💩

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Little known fact…shit is great for your skin. That’s why I have such amazingly beautiful skin…I regularly cover my body with my own shit. You should try it sometime!

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