Goddess Zaleya Ass Obsession for her Chocolate ($25.99 ScatShop)

I swear fo’ goodness Venus is my new obsession!!! My brother is the luckiest man on earth to have a woman this fine and down to fullfill all his scat fantasies and share them with us all!! That juicy chocolate ass is easily one of the best to ever grace this store, and that’s saying alot considering the amount of choice ass I have had over the past five years!!! Enjoy another great installment of gassy, runny dumps and pee farts!! She begins with a nice ass shaking session before sitting down to let out some FUNKY farts before peeing, then enjoy as she starts “peeing out her ass” with her usual mudbutt action!! Over a dozen minutes of new splacks and bursts!! She saves the FUNKIEST load for last as she had on shart that shot all over the floor, the wall, and even in the tub behind her!! Sheesh!! Such explosiveness from such a healthy, fit woman!! There were some serious backfire blasts in this one. Just when you think she’s done – KABOOM!!! Don’t you just wish that was you there to give her a helping hand as she goes!?

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