GwenyT – Dirty Girl Smear ($15.99 ScatShop)

Gweny hasn’t played with her poop in a long time, she lays on her stomach trying to push out her load. You see her push out the tip a few times before she gets to her knees and lets it all fall out on the bathroom floor.
She takes it in her hand and smells it while looking you in the eyes, she loves the smell and feel of this load so much!
She lays back on her stomach and puts her poop in between her thighs and up again her butt, she clenches and smooshes it together just teasing herself.. she then takes it and starts rubbing it all over her ass and thighs and into her cunt. She does until she’s coated with her poop and the smelliest you can imagine, she wants you to fuck her dirty ass and cunt so badly!

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