Lisa Domina – Extra Helpings For Shit Sissy ($29.99 ScatShop)

Mistress Lisa doesn’t believe in letting her shit go to waste. She starts off by taking a nice long smooth shit into a plastic container, then puts it into the freezer. A few days later she takes the container out again and takes another, more solid shit into the container. Back into the freezer it goes for safekeeping. The next morning she takes the container out and lets it defrost for a few hours. After it’s defrosted she cuts the shit up into bite sized pieces. She takes the meal to her Crossdressed sissy cuck Marsha, who has been tied up in a standing position all night. Marsha is in training to be Lisa’s slut-whore and personal toilet. As part of her training Lisa starves Marsha for 24 hours and has her tied up for long periods in uncomfortable positions wearing 6″ heels. Lisa decides to give Marsha a beating before allowing her to eat the 2 loads of shit. She works over the slut’s ass with a bamboo cane, single tailed whip, and heavy paddle till Marsha is crying. Then it’s shit eating time! She lowers Marsha down to her knees but still keeps her hands tied to the ceiling hook.

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