LoveRachelle2 – Dirty Housekeeping (€16.80 ScatBook)

“Dirty Housekeeping” Doing some housekeeping while my roomies are away, I tidy up the living room until suddenly I feel a strong urge to shit–the bathroom is being done right now so I can’t use it! I bend over the couch and feel my panties helplessly as they fill with poop, I CAN’T believe I just shat my panties! But I’m shocked by how warm and good my shit feels as I rub it and start to feel turned on… I sit on the couch, rubbing my shitty pussy through my panties and rub my poopy tush all over my couch.

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I masturbate more on the couch and show you my messy ass when I pull my panties down, smearing my shit all over my ass while looking at my reflection off-screen, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this! I take off my panties and rub my shitty pussy til I cum <3 The irony that I just made even more of a mess than I started housekeeping is not lost on me

LoveRachelle2 – Dirty Housekeeping

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