MakeKatPurrrr – Shitting For You Vol. 11 ($35.99 ScatShop)

Already dirty and stinky for you Kat shows off her little puckered asshole. With a little piece of shit hanging from her asshole Kat opens it up so you can peep inside. That shit is nice and ready to come out. Gaping her asshole over and over giving you little hints of todays shit. Telling you what she munched on last and when her last shit was while teasing you with her asshole. Can you believe she had three huge shits the day before?! She knows you’re ready o see this shit turn into a pile so she gets it all ready for you. Squatting down very low Kat lets out a nice stream of piss to get you all warmed up. And spreading her cheeks she lets out a huge soft shit. Immediately fucking her asshole with her thermometer to get that fresh shit temp. And spreading open her asshole to prolapse out any leftover shits. Showing off her soft turds Kat plops them in the golden throne and flushes them away. Leaving you with some streaks and a lot of stink. Then showing you your leftover snacks that you are ready to munch on.

Special For You:  Two lesbians shitting at the same time ($24.99 ScatShop)

MakeKatPurrrr – Shitting For You Vol. 11

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