MakeKatPurrrr – Shitting For You Vol. 20 ($35.99 ScatShop)

Spreading it open and wide for you to shove your face in and get a good sniff. Bending over grounding her shit and trying to get her asshole to gape. It’s super tight this day and is really hard to open. But you still love it when Kat play with her pretty little asshole. Telling you about her previous shit and what she had to eat. Still trying to gape it open but her ass still doesn’t wanna open. Squatting down on her knees Kat finally is able to let out her shit and it’s a nice big one too. Even turns out to be a little wet. Pushing it ALL out and prolapsing while doing it too. Kat takes her temperature and then slides her fingers in to open her asshole up nice and wide for you. Even pushing out some more shit and giving you a nice prolapsed asshole. Showing off her shit and then flushing it down for you. And then showing off her asshole for you to see what left behind.

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MakeKatPurrrr – Shitting For You Vol. 20

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