Matildas Epic and Vomit Fun (€12.99 YezziClips)

I wear only a red stockings. I start with teasing show off my naked body. Come and start your day with me. I knee on to doggy and for sure cannot resist my booty puckering. Are you getting excited don’t you? I have a glass bowl to make you something special. I want to give you everything what I can. I squat over the bowl and pushing out my huge and long poo. It’s just looks perfect. I bet you craving for taste it. I smear shit on my face and on my body. Gagging and rubber dick fucking throat and vomiting. I vomit a lot few times like a fountain. Floor also got messy even I got the bowl. I also do some spit play. Filled up well the bowl with lots of mucoid and nasty vomit then can start to smear some nice and slow on my body. During sensual smearing I try to make myself vomit more and keep continue to smear sexy on me. Have fun!

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Matildas_Epic_2877_and_Vomit_Fun-_01.mp4 – 1011.50 MB

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