Matilda’s Shitty Bathtub ($18.99 ScatShop)

I’ve got a nice warm bath all made up! It looks so inviting but I really need to go poo! I am sure it will be okay if I just poop in my tub! Then I can play with my shit and smear it all over my body! Shitting in the bath tub sounds like so much fun!

I push out a few hard juicy turds above the water and even more when I sit back down in the water. I’ve never shit under water before! It feels amazing! I can feel my turds floating around in the water. I get on my knees and bob for my shit! It’s like bobbing for apples except it’s my poop!

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My shit feels so good in my mouth! I decide to swallow a nice big chunk! Mmm! I love being a dirty shit lover! I smear my wet poop all over my big tits and my face too! I get really dirty with my shit! I even stuff some up my pussy and shit it out for you too! It all turns me on so much! I can’t help but rub my shitty pussy while I sniff my fresh, wet shit!

This is one HOT shit adventure! Don’t miss out on the fun!

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