Mistress Roberta – Delicious shit cake pov (€9.99 YezziClips)

I woke up this morning, thinking about pancakes, eggs and bacon. I wanted to start you off with cereal and milk There you sit (POV) with your bowl and spoon ready. I realize, you deserve the best homemade shit instead! I can fill your bowl with my sweet dark chocolate long turds, I drop them off right in front of you. Dig in! Wait! Let me feed you. Bite after bite, with savory chewing instructions. You are just loving it. I will tease you with a little flying airplane play driving it right into your mouth. Num num num… It’s chucky multi-colored warm and so satisfying.. You just take it all, my spoon is heaping and ready for you to devour every last morsel of my thick steaming heavenly breakfast. Fill up, you are a growing boy.

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