Mistress Roberta – Diarrhea and enema pov (€19.99 YezziClips)

When someone eats my shit it really turns me on, even more when I have an enema like diarrhea shit explosion right into the person’s mouth and I can feel them even chewing the soft chunks of my shit and swallow right out of my asshole. When I can just relax, let go as they suck on my asshole and I feel my nasty soft enema shit flow over their tongue, into their mouth and down their throat. Believe it or not but I am shy showing my arousal, especially on camera but doing this feels so good that I just can’t help it. I start masturbating right in my slave’s face while feeding him. Can you imagine what THAT must feel like? I woman taking the nastiest shit in your mouth and down your throat while rubbing her throbbing, pulsating soaking wet pussy right in your face? And she just laugh at you and keep her orgasm going as she continue to shit down your throat?

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