Misty_Phoenix – Pooping in my shorts (€10.99 YezziClips)

Did you know my gym shorts have built in panties? No?? Here, let me show you! After my grueling long workout today, I can’t be bothered to go to the toilet, so instead I just pop directly in my gym shorts. I start by showing off my fit, toned body and especially my ass in the thin, little shorts, teasing you. Then I turn around and grab hold of my stripper pole for support as I push out a big soft load of hot shit to fill up the panties in my shorts. I pull my shorts tight against my ass so you can see the big bulge that’s formed in the bottom of my panties. It’s so warm and wet as it spreads all across my asscheeks. Finally, when I know you can’t stand it any longer, I pull them down to reveal the sexy mess I’ve made in my shorts. I’m such a bad naughty girl for you!

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