NaomiBobba – I poop in my car (€13.99 YezziClips)

Desperation poo and scat near people in a parking! OMG! Today is a very rainy day in Italy a really ideal day to stay in a parking lot and try some ideas for some new videos. Let’s begin! Look at my big ass in these very tight yoga pants … it would be a real shame if … I shit in, don’t you think? I push and shitting inside my leggins and meanwhile I have 1 strange idea … to get close to a well-known market and show you how many people there are… while they pass I put my hand inside my pants and start eating shit … Yes look … close up of the shit and my hands … and I’ll tell you more this is the first part of the video … then in the next video you will see at home how much shit I still had inside me! Woah!

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