Princess Ray Pooping (€9.99 YezziClips)

♡ hi everyone! I’m going to try to upload more often so please forgive the infrequent uploads but I get busy during the week ;_; anyways in this clip I talk to you about how long it’s been since I’ve gone… for some reason I haven’t been pooping all weekend lately. but I turn around and push out some nice thick turds right onto you! then I pee right on my load and into the bathtub, but my big lips always make it spray everywhere unless I stand up and hold them aside 😭 I have some more pee videos coming including a desperate drunken pee so look forward to that if you’re into that sort of thing.. what do you think about a desperate hissing pee?☺ then I inspect my load with you of course ♡

Special For You:  Extreme Shitting Orgasm! – SamanthaStarfish

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