PrincessBabyLuna – My Tasty Urge ($16.99 ScatShop)

When I get gassy, my ass 🍑 loses control and releases the nastiest farts 💨 that you’ll ever smell. 😖😌🥰 I love it when you put your face in my booty 😚and inhale 😮💨🌪 the delicious aroma of my intoxicating 🤤 farts. All of the farts gave me the urge to shit. 💩 I’m ready to drop my tasty load of poop right on your 🙃 face. There is a generous mixture of 😍💩 creamy, delicious diarrhea waiting for you to taste. I’m going to piss 💧 on you afterwards to rinse you.

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PrincessBabyLuna – My Tasty Urge

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