PrincessPoo – 20 loads of shit Extreme smear (€16.99 YezziClips)

Look at this mountain of shit! This is 20 loads of shit! I have collected 20 massive craps and piled them all up for you to see!
I take a huge handful of my shit and start smearing it all over myself! I grab big, giant handfuls of my 20 loads of shit and cover my body in my stinky piles of poop! Oh god! It feels so amazing! I completely cover myself in shit! I get it on my huge tits, I smear it into my ass, I cover my face, and I even get it in my hair! It feels so good to cover my body in all of this poo! I feel like I am swimming is a massive pile of human shit!
I smell so nasty! It turns me on so much though! Good thing I have a little candy cane dildo to fuck my shit smeared pussy with! I shove the dildo in my pussy and fuck myself so hard until I cum all over like a nasty, filthy, happy, scat whore!

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