RoxaneQuinn – Lot of fun with poo (€14.99 YezziClips)

I love fart, shit and enema what about you? And I’m here again to make my leggings dirty. Are you ready? My tummy upset all day long then I made a decision to give myself an enema. But first i’m farts and shit into my leather leggings. I start standing on the balcony backward ass view. We could have great and stinky fun today as well. Do you like my big fat ass don’t you? I insert the enema tube to let the water flows in my ass. My tummy swollen. I squat on the floor and with a very strong stream I pushing lot’s of shit and even more dirty water. What a stream! It’s a seriously big explosion. I keep pushing and farting for you. What a fun do you like it? Wow what a mess. I present for last my sweet asshole. Enjoy!

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