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Videos Included-

1. Big Loud Wet Poop in My Leggings 8:59
In this sexy video you find me sitting on my couch and showing my bare feet. I begin smoking a marlboro light. I inhale and blow out long drags of the sweet tobacco smoke. Then I gesuddenly have the very desperate urge to shit! So I turn my ass to the camera to unload a loud and very wet shit into my leggings and panties! I model my messy leggings for you then pull them down to reveal my wet shit filled orange panties! I take those off and spread my brown cheeks and finger my shitty asshole. next I stick my face in my mess before blowing a kiss goodbye!

2. Bratty Teen – 6 Days Worth of Shit! 6:33
Watch me push out 6 full days worth of fresh stinky shit into my cute red polka dot butterfly shorts! You know that you want to see my big fat load! I give you the double bird and turn around to fill my shorts with a giant thick turd! I was pushing it out for such a long time that it must have been 2 feet long! I shake my shitty ass for you then pull off my shorts and thong to give you a nice intimate look at my 5 day monster load! finally I bend over and spread my cheeks to finger fuck my shit encrusted asshole for you!

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3. Extra LOUD! Upskirt Panty Desperation 5;45
Getting ready for a girls night out then it totally hits me that i have to shit Super Bad! I hike up my skirt and stick my ass in your face farting loudly and filling my innocent white cotton panties with a giant load of my soft creamy shit! The ass of my panties is so full that my shit starts to leak out the sides and cascade on the floor! I pull down my panties to finger my dirty ass and spread my brown cheeks. I pull them off to stick my hot poopy panty mess right in you face so you can smell my big stinky shit!

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