sammiecee – Using You As My Human Toilet ($23.99 ScatShop)

There’s got to be a use for a pathetic piece of shit like you.. Luck for you, I’ve thought of something. From now on, to save me the time and effort of having to take myself to the toilet, when you hear my fingers click, you come running. Mouth open, and eager to take whatever waste I have to give you. Let’s make today your trial run as I am in need of a shit. Get beneath me, open wide, tongue out, ready to guide that steaming stinking log into your mouth, sink those teeth into it, and grind it down, ready to fill your stomach with it, make sure you catch it all. You’re not done yet, now I may as well use you as my toilet paper too. Stick your tongue out, and lick every little crevice clean, all those crusty dry bits of shit need cleaning away, tongue fuck my dirty brown hole. Once your done, it’s time to wash it down with a strong bit of piss. Now you better keep listening out for the click!

Special For You:  Kala Sexton – Woopsie

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