Smutty_Luce – Me vs my Monster Turd season 2 ($17.99 ScatShop)

Me vs my Monster Turd”
Look at that turd. Look at what just came out of my ass. Can you fucking believe that shit?
The smell, the flavor, the aroma, OMG. Before I unleashed that God forsaken dump, I made sure I got you in the mood by showing you my body and my perfect ass. That ridiculous gaint dump I unleashed is simmering in the plate while I rain down warm piss all over my shit filled plate and then I proceed to make you share that big chunk of shit in my mouth while you kiss me. Is that what you want?
Do you also like how I get on my knees and bend over my dirty ass for you to clean up? As I deep that buttplug in my shit tunnel, I expect you to lick it clean like good boy you are

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