LOUISE HUNTER & PRETTYLISA – SHIT EATER 4 starring in video Louise Hunter, Prettylisa, 1 Male

The eagerly awaited get-together of two of the world’s most extreme scat ladies. Louise Hunter and Prettylisa eat shit and drink piss as if it was a race who can swallow more. Lisa’s multi-orgasmic abilities are put to test as the gets fist fucked, vomited on and both ladies wallow in a never ending sttream of brown and yellow showers.Ultra-extreme content as you would expect from Lisa and Louise.

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Duration: 61 Min
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Open Mouth – My Shit Comming starring in video scatdesire (Release date: May 10, 2021) ($13.99 ScatShop)

My toilet loves to eat shit. For two days it is the only food the slave consumes. On time the slave appears for dinner. Lying under the toilet chair, he receives many spicy sausages for a long time in his slave mouth, which he swallows good. Finally, he gets some slaps and is spit on by the mistress.

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Latest Victim! starring in video annalise Fetidistrojp (Release date: May 10, 2021) ($24.99 ScatShop)

At the wrong place and time, a man finds himself invited into a woman’s house and believing that he is going to get something naughtily intimate, he doesn’t hesitate to take the offer! He is then brought to the bathroom where he is stripped as well as the lady getting naked! By the time both of them are rendered completely nude, she lays him on the floor where she starts stroking his cock to maximum erection! By then, she gets on top of him and starts fucking and riding his dick! Though, before long, something unexpected happens! She spreads her legs wide apart and creates a huge mound of feces on top of his body! When she could no longer release anymore, she proceeds to smear it all over him, covering every inch of him! By the time she gets contented with her work, she resumes pleasuring her slave by alternating between fucking and sucking his dick until he cums!

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Extremely Shit in the Mouth! starring in video annalise (Release date: May 10, 2021)

Here I have, together with my hot girlfriend humiliate a slave, extremely filled with our aa a delicacies. For Laura it is a whole usual experience to shit slaves in the mouth. But as you can see in the video, she enjoys it and she shits the slave like a pro in the mouth! Here in this horny and dirty video, a Laura shits the slave first in the mouth. Then I shit the slave in the mouth. Since in such two big shit aa portions, of course not everything in the mouth of the slave fit, we fed the slave with our shit and ddd d stuffed the shit that did not land in his mouth, in his mouth.

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THE SCAT SQUAD starring in video Livia, Penelope, Marlen, Mia, no males

By popular request we present to you another all-girl movie featuring two debutants Livia and Penelope who blended in perfectly with Hightide leading ladies Marlen and Mia. When Livia visits her old friend Mia for the first time after many years, she soon discovers the secrets of the all-female household, where dominance and submission, unbridled lust and a shared passion for lesbian pee and scat games rule.

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Duration: 72 Min
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LUNCH BREAK starring in video Mia, Betty, Kira, 0 males

Halfway through a long day of hard play our lovely kinksters Mia, Betty and Hightide debutant Kira left the set for a well-deserved break. As experienced performers they’re well aware that fucking makes hungry, that output needs input first and that it’s hard to relax amongst a bunch of horny guys – and they also know the perfect solution to recharge their batteries and refill three empty stomachs: simply leave out the guys, lock the door and enjoy an all-girl lunch break!

Format: MP4
Duration: 74 Min
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