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Almost no time to get in and position myself, it was too fast, I was desperate to shit, so I shit, kept letting myself go until I had a battery in Mike’s genitals. I started masturbating Mike with my pasty shit and right after I sucked I got a strong taste because I ate a lot of meat the day before. As the taste was strong, I spit a lot while sucking Mike’s dick, rubbing my shit in the face to stay in touch, as I sucked the taste it became more evident on my tongue making me more excited, so Mike got up and I continued to suck him, until he gave me the signal that he wanted to come.
I started to chew Mike and suck his dick all dirty until he let the milk into my mouth. This fetish may seem to be Mike’s, but the truth is that this fetish and my taste for a dirty Blowjob, for Mike he only ate all my poop always, more as if he had to serve, I decide what is good for me, to satisfy myself and most important of all, my desires are above all.

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Dirty schoolgirl humiliation during her period (Granny Scat Extreme) 21,99$ (Premium Request) by Chiennemary

Title: Dirty schoolgirl humiliation during her period
Cast: Chiennemary
Genre: Scat, Piss, Couple, Big shit, Smearing, Domination
Duration: 00:31:06

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LatinaScatWife – Dirty Blowjob

Title: Dirty Blowjob
Cast: Latina Scat Wife
Genre: scat, facesitting, human toilet, scat couple, blowjob, suck, couple
Duration: 00:10:57

Today was the slave’s day of squandering with a naughty blowjob, today was my day of tasting my poop, so I took the opportunity to try it on my slave’s dick, crouched down and shit on his dick, and started stroking with my shit smelly, when it was really hard I put my mouth on his dirty dick and sucked, spit shit, shared a piece for my slave while I sucked him, then I knelt and sucked more and with my fucking mouth he crouched down and kissed me until I taste my language.

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Listen bro I’ll tell you how it was .. she grabbed my balls while I tried to pour myself some juice and said “If you don’t crap my face right now, I won’t play your fucking royal battle with you” I just wanted say that it’s right to say “battleroyale” not “royalebattle” but it was too late! I realized that I was ready to start farting from her fucking burrito, and then I understood this little bitch all the time watching me and waiting for the moment! Well this moment has come! In this EPIC mad and perverted video you will see everything! From hot anusling to spitting with cum and shit juice! My wife sniffs my farting, she grabs a tight turd with her mouth, then smears it all on her face and on my cock, and then I fill her mouth full of my stinging cum! That sounds simple, but its really hot and pervert action! I hope you like it!

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