SHIT FUCK GANG starring in video Gina, Susan, 2 Males

This is the second encounter between Italian toilet sex lover Gina and our perverted living toilet girl Susan – together with their partners we knew this meant a big orgiastic feast of swinging, sucking, fucking, pissing and shitting.

Gina’s explosive orgasms echoed throughout the studio over and over. Just unbelievable how hard this woman cums.

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PRETTYLISA – BROWN WEDDING NIGHT starring in video Prettylisa, Lady St. Claire, 1 male

In December 2000 we met Lisa for the first time to film a special event—her wedding aniversary she celebrates in a way only she can. Her original honeymoon took place with a likeminded couple equally intrigued with scat and piss play. Now, one year later, Lisa re-enacts the events, this time eager to make the party even dirtier and browner than the year before. Wearing her original wedding dress, she is receiving a big dump from her bride’s maid and tastes the brown present with great pleasure and joy. We’ve never seen a woman climax with so much impact.

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The eagerly awaited get-together of two of the world’s most extreme scat ladies. Louise Hunter and Prettylisa eat shit and drink piss as if it was a race who can swallow more. Lisa’s multi-orgasmic abilities are put to test as the gets fist fucked, vomited on and both ladies wallow in a never ending sttream of brown and yellow showers.Ultra-extreme content as you would expect from Lisa and Louise.

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WELL FED starring in video Holly, 2 Males

We have received quite a few emails requesting some heavy scat action with a bbw girl. When Holly – a super-chubby escort from London who works caters for special fetishes such as scat and bdsm – emailed us and absolutely wanted to show of her toilet skills we didn’t say now. Little did know what extremely perverted girl was waiting there. Holly is certainly one of the most extreme scat girls around who genuinely orgasms time after time when she has shit in her mouth or is being fisted. If bbw ladies and super-hard scat action is your thing, don’t miss this one. Holly gets well fed and she deserves only the best.
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Misstres Emily – Want You Eat More

Want You Eat More 00003

Want You Eat More 00000

Want You Eat More 00001

Want You Eat More 00002

I had paid a visit to my toilet slave. In this movie i just done with breakfast and ready to shit. The toilet slave has just recently applied, that is why he is a brand new human toilet. I am very fond of testing a new toilet slave. I has to shit very dearly. The toiletslave is even allowed to lick my asshole, while waiting for the sausage to enter. He has a lot to gulp.

Release Year: 2021
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing

Want You Eat More.ScrinList


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Miss Medea Mortelle – Femdom Goddess humiliates E-bay buyer with scat and piss

Miss Medea Mortelle - Ebay-Buyer 00002

Miss Medea Mortelle - Ebay-Buyer 00000

Miss Medea Mortelle - Ebay-Buyer 00001

Miss Medea Mortelle - Ebay-Buyer 00003

Dieser erbärmliche Affenarsch dachte also echt, dass ich meine Couch an ihn verkaufen möchte? Ich wollte ihn nur in meine Wohnung locken, um meine sadistisch-versaute Ader an ihm auszulassen. Die Tür ist verriegelt, die Handschellen haben zugeschnappt. Jetzt muss der Arschkriecher einsehen, dass er keine andere Wahl hat, als mir zu gehorchen. Schön willig öffnet er seinen Toilettenschlund, um die braunen und gelben Geschenke seiner Göttin zu empfangen… Jedes bisschen was daneben geht, muss er unter meiner Anweisung und stetigen verbalen Demütigung aufnehmen. Am Ende bringe ich dem erbärmlichen Vollpfosten auch noch bei, wie man mit behandschellten Händen den Boden sauber macht. Dieses Video ist für alle Liebhaber der verbalen Demütigung, des goldenen Nektars und der Aufnahme von göttlicher Schokolade!

So this pathetic monkey’s ass really thought that I wanted to sell my couch to him? I just wanted to lure him into my apartment to take out my sadistic, dirty streak on him. The door is locked, the handcuffs have snapped. Now this ass-kisser must realize that he has no choice but to obey me. Nicely willing he opens his toilet mouth to receive the brown and yellow gifts of his goddess…. Every bit he misses, he must take under my instruction and constant verbal humiliation. In the end, I also teach this pathetic bastard how to clean the floor with cuffed hands. This video is for all lovers of verbal humiliation, golden nectar and divine chocolate!

Release Year: 2021
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing

Miss Medea Mortelle - Ebay-Buyer.ScrinList


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