KITTY – PRIVATE SHIT PIG starring in video Kitty

Kitty loves to be a dirty, filthy bitch. She pisses her jeans in public, digs deep in her asshole at a monument and licks the shit off – all this just to get her in the mood for some heavy piss and shit play at home where the perverted amateur poops her pants, sucks and licks the mess and gives her shit smeared cunt a good rubbing job. Wonderfully perverted amateur action from a genuine shit loving gal.

Format: MP4
Duration: 55 Min
Size: 1023 Mb
Resolution: 788×576


BETTY SCREWS THE CREW starring in video Betty, all-male crew

A message from Betty:

Hi guys and girls,

How’s life?

I paid another short visit to the Hightide studios….

….but now I had a special plan!

I wanted to give something back to the poor guys in the crew who sweat and slave for your (and our) entertainment.

Thank you guys…. until the next time!

Love & xxx,


Format: MP4
Duration: 60 Min
Size: 878 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720


LA CUCINA MARRONE starring in video Kira, Marlen, Penelope, 3 males

Shooting with Italian whirlwind Kira can be quite a challenge – but above all it’s big fun! Kira’s unbridled appetite for body-warm food and drinks not only impressed our experienced performers Marlen and Penelope, it also took three guys to keep her happy. And just when we thought she was stuffed to the grills, she demanded the next course to be served. Enjoy an extra long, extra wild ride through the Brown Cuisine Mediterranean style!

Format: MP4
Duration: 97 Min
Size: 1833 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

HEAVY EATERS starring in video Penelope, Marlen, 2 males

After hitting off well on the set of Scat Squad, chubby debutant Penelope and seasoned Hightide office slut Marlen agreed to meet again for an evening of finger food and filthy fun. An amazing binge eating session between girls still wasn’t enough though, so they invited two guys to satisfy Penelope’s insatiable

Format: MP4
Duration: 66 Min
Size: 1471 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720


Mistress Gaia – A dedication to Natasha (HD-720p / 462,45 Mb)

CUSTOM REQUEST – On the occasion of Women’s Day my slave-bitch, Natasha, has renewed her deference and loyalty to me and, to prove how much she loves me and adores me, she requested this video to know how she will be treated when she will have the honor of being my toilet-slave. This doll that you see looks a lot like Natasha. I’ll put this doll under my butt in order to be covered by my shit and piss, just as I will do with Natasha. She will be my woman-toilet. Every time I will call Natasha, she’ll be under my ass and under my pussy to attend my corporal needs when I wake up, after which she will have the honor to clean up my intimate parts fragrant of scent…


Mandy Flores – School Girl Toy (Full HD-1080p)

School Girl Toy

Mandy Flores - School Girl Toy - 1

Mandy Flores - School Girl Toy - 2

Mandy Flores - School Girl Toy - 3

Mandy Flores - School Girl Toy - 4

Mandy Flores - School Girl Toy - 5

This was a custom request from one of my shit lovers. He wanted me to dress up as a young schoolgirl and then shove a tiny doll up my asshole and shit the doll out!! I know how much you?d love to eat my shit, wouldn?t you all!

STARRING : Mandy Flores


GENRES : Toy, Shitting, Big Pile, Posing, Scat Solo, Huge Turd, Self Filming, Excrements, Takefile link Scat Porn

LENGTH : 4 Minutes 5 Seconds

SIZE : 296,6 mb

FULL HD 1080p