Allura Feed him shit in the woods ($24.99 ScatShop)

We had spent the day hiking in the woods by a beautiful creek when I told my hubby I needed to shit. He asked if he can eat it! This was one of the first times he had expressed his desire to not just receive my ass gifts but totally consume it! This is also one of the first times I ever tasted shit and it was by kissing his shitty filled up mouth! I am so glad we set up the cam for a minute because it give’s me chills every damn time I watch this video. Here we are, almost 12 years later still amazingly strong together and totally and utterly head over heals for each other. I give him my all and he give me his all. We can tell each other anything, all those deep dark thoughts and desires we can share with each other. Best of all, we can do them with each other. Our hope is that you can see a glimpse of those moments our vids. This one we are deep in the forrest and I give him myself, he receives it, we kiss, and it’s simply fucking beautiful. The video cuts off unfortunately just as I lean in to kiss him but the sight of him taking my shit sensually out in the woods is a true delight.

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Length: 1:48s
Resolution: 1904×1072
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 156 MB

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