ModelNatalya94 – Mayonnaise and a lot of shit

I’m Olga and I really love to arrange for you a variety of dirty lesbian show where we caressed each other’s shit and piss on each other, eat shit each other. This is one of those lesbian show. I’m really Horny and asked her friend to come and visit me. I met my girlfriend completely naked and told her I can’t wait any longer I went into the room and sat on the bed, and Olga pressed record and joined me. Olga appeared in the hands of a pack of mayonnaise I asked what is it you Olga replied know. I lay back and spread your legs and Olga began to caress my pussy, his tongue pushing his fingers to my labia lips, a little Poloskov me Olga opened the Mayo and began to fill my cunt with mayonnaise, and then ass. Olga filled me inside with mayonnaise is something new I thought ) Mayonnaise was out of my pussy and ass as Olga licked it with her tongue and once again he filled my pussy and ass mayonnaise. Olga said that I got cancer on my knees, I did what you ask my friend . Olga climbed on top of me and shit on my ass, her shit mixed with mayonnaise, a large amount of crap she left on my ass, in one word a big pile of shit. Shit slide off my ass, and Olga took a video camera in his hands and began to film me from different angles. I told my friend that I can’t wait any longer and began to shoot mayonnaise with shit from ass and pussy, I piss from my pussy vytikayuschimi mayonnaise, and I shit out of my ass along with the shit coming out mayonnaise. Fucking our whole bed in shit and mayonnaise I sit on a big puddle of shit and urine of mayonnaise and begin to caress her hairy pussy, Oh yeah fuck I’m a slut that wants to not only but fucked and peed and shit on me, I love shit pee, I am your slave, you can do almost everything that pojaleete. I’m all in shit piss and mayonnaise very cool we had a great time

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Title: ModelNatalya94 – Mayonnaise and a lot of shit
Cast: ModelNatalya94
Genre: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Diarrhea, Fisting, Lesbian, Smearing
Duration: 00:11:48

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lot of shit

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